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Power Hour

Online via zoom.

Running your own business can be a challenge at times. It’s easy to feel a bit stuck, feel in a muddle with your marketing and know what you want, but just not know how to get there. 

That’s when a Power Hour could help you to find more clarity around your social media marketing. A whole hour dedicated to your chosen area. A super focused tailor-made session to get you feeling re-energised and back on track.

Power Hours can be used for;

  • Creating a framework to help you to get started in social media.
  • Understanding why you are posting, but not getting the business results you imagined.
  • Brainstorming new business ideas and directions and evaluating previous activity.
  • Learning the tools and techniques to grow your engagement.
  • Planning how to build your email list. 
  • Auditing your social platforms and working on a clear actionable plan of action.
  • Planning how to raise your profile via LinkedIn.

A Power Hour consists of a pre-session call and questionnaire to form a structure for the Power Hour, and a post-session summary and follow up a week later.


Feel re-energised and back on track with a solution that allows you to see the wood for the trees with a renewed focus to move forward.

Click on the link below for your preliminary chat and to book your Power Hour. 

Hannah was great at explaining really clearly how I needed to think about and plan my social media strategy.

I was feeling really overwhelmed by how to use social media but can now see where I was going wrong and what I need to do in future. Highly recommend.

Rachael De Peyer, Cognitive Hypnotherapy