Welcome to Hansocial.


I am a woman on a mission to help your business thrive. Why? So that you can focus on what you love doing, and stress less about managing your social media.

I am passionate about supporting you and your business on the journey towards being the best that you can be, by providing you with the social media training, business coaching and marketing consultancy that you need to elevate your business from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

I have been privileged to work with some wonderful businesses from psychologists, craniosacral therapists, yoga studios, wellbeing coaches, jewellery designers, artists, photographers and personal trainers and I can’t wait to work with you.

A mum of two teenagers, and a wonderful Golden Doodle, I live in Kent where my husband and I are constantly building, planting and evolving our 1960’s house.

Why me?


I help companies in the wellbeing and the arts, to grow their business using social media marketing: increasing awareness, driving engagement and increasing sales resulting in sold out retreats, fully booked workshops, waiting lists and bodies on yoga mats!

I know as a small business owner myself, all the different ‘hats’ you have to wear, from chief accountant, marketing magician, supersonic sales person to life-changing logistics. This is why I love nothing more than taking the stress of managing your social media off your plate, because with me in your corner, you’ll have more time to be focus your energy on what you love doing.

I focus on ensuring that the social media plan will be realistic and achievable, working within your time-frame and working within your budget.